Celebrating our first year as Pelta Medical Papers

It’s difficult to believe that it was only 12 months ago that we announced our launch as Pelta Medical Papers. So much has changed over the last year not just in business but in the world as a whole, but what has remained constant is our passion for manufacturing the highest quality medical packaging, specialist food packaging and technical papers.

We started our new life as Pelta Medical Papers still managing the after-effects of COVID and making our way through the logistical disruptions that this and the finalisation of Brexit, have brought. Coupled with record-high pulp prices and the ongoing energy crisis, our first year has certainly been challenging.

Our first year has also seen many positives with many major investments made, partnerships forged and new products launched. Strengthening our position in the market.

Starting the year with a bang, we made our very first investment as an independent business to purchase a new stock cleaning system for one of our paper machines. Moving from strength to strength, we made a number of considerable improvements to our Beetham mill, investing further in a thermoform-fill-seal packaging machine, a new IT infrastructure, and much more. We have also added to our already extensive range of papers with products like the new PeltaMed Protect AR-DS reinforced, direct-seal medical paper.

Most importantly, in marking this anniversary, we would like to thank our customers for their support & understanding and we look forward to working with you in the years to come.

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