In addition to our core medical products, we offer an extensive range of high cleanliness grease-resistant and speciality virgin MG Kraft papers. Our products have been developed for demanding direct food contact and technical performance applications over many years.

Quick service restaurant grease resistant papers

The PeltaPack range of GR grades includes fluoro and Pure non-fluoro alternatives, suitable for French fries, burgers and sandwich wraps.

Available with or without wet strength, these high-performance papers are designed for fast printing and conversion line processes, where lightweight grammages deliver high yield.

White and brown options are available, to ensure we cover the full QSR product spectrum.

Flexible and technical packaging

We produce a wide range of PeltaPack papers for Flexible and technical packaging applications.

These include grades suitable for PE and Alu foil lamination, opacified base papers for Flexo-print and wax coating, as well as super-clean LCD glass interleaving papers and a range of meat and fish wrapping qualities.


With a high level of grease barrier performance, PeltaPack bakery papers have been developed for pastries, doughnuts, cookies and a variety of ovenable applications.

Options are available with single side GR treatment only, making our products suitable for further specialised surface print and laminations, as well as adhesive layer coatings and corrugation.

Dairy and fat packaging

PeltaPack papers with very high barrier and wet strength properties are suitable for direct contact or laminated, dairy and fat packaging. Typical examples include Flexo printed block butter and cheese wrapping, die-cut cover leaves for butter and margarine tubs and PE or Alu foil lamination applications.

Key Characteristics

PeltaPack offers sustainable white and brown food-contact and barrier performance papers for a wide range of food packaging and technical applications. We pride ourselves on continuity, consistency and reliability.

MG Kraft, white or brown

We manufacture Machine Glazed (MG) packaging grades in a choice of white or brown, using sustainably sourced virgin Kraft fibres. The result is an outstanding range of papers with a high-quality glazed finish designed to meet the demands of an ever-changing market influenced by industry and customer trends.

Fluoro and non-fluoro treated

We constantly innovate and evolve our paper range in response to end-user demands for ethical products and processes. We deliver the highest quality fluoro and non-fluoro grade packaging papers manufactured according to the highest standards, global food-contact certification and environmental consciousness.

Low weight, high yield performance

Our capability and experience as global leaders in the paper-making industry gives us the know-how to produce a wide range of grammages designed to help converters maximise low weight efficiencies. For example, we can offer a high-strength, lower weight paper with the same quality, performance and converting speed as a heavier weight alternative, saving you money AND benefitting the environment.

Regular or wet strength

Wet strength is vital when exposing paper products to moist atmospheric conditions. Our wet-strength grades also retain their structure and appearance when end-use packaging contains steaming food. Controlled air permeability allows unwanted steam to escape, thus ensuring hot foods always remain their best.

Suitable for print, glue and lamination

We produce food-safe and technical papers to meet the rigorous standards of our converters, where durability and ease of use are essential requirements. Our products are easily branded, assembled, and finished with trouble-free runnability combined with maximum conversion speeds and the consistency required for specialised applications.

Enhanced smoothness and opacity

We can achieve varying degrees of surface smoothness with a Calender system integrated into our manufacturing process. This in-line approach provides a highly cost-effective way of producing grades specifically for print, adhesive aluminium foil lamination, and polymer coatings. We can also raise opacity levels to counter the translucent effect of wax coating for industrial food applications, for example, bread or cheese wrapping.

Dead-fold and lay-flat

Whether the end-product is folded or needs to remain flat, shape-retention is essential for many packaging applications. We manufacture paper that will retain its shape. Our dead-fold and lay-flat features will ensure your product keeps its form and always looks its best.

Quality Assurance

A rigorous product development, testing and validation process guarantees a stable and consistent product that fulfils the needs of converters and meets global regulatory standards for food and technical applications. Paper testing is performed lineside and in our well-equipped Quality Assurance Lab. Our engineers scrutinise minute-by-minute results and long-term trends measured by our state-of-the-art Web Inspection Systems (WIS) to guarantee outstanding quality.

Please give us an overview of your requirements. Once we have received your request, we will connect you with one of our experts who can advise you on the best option for your business.