Complying with international standards for sterile barrier systems, our core range, PeltaMed, features specialist papers for all appropriate medical and hospital packaging applications. Suitable for all key sterilisation processes and providing excellent microbial barrier and device protection.

Coating base papers

Our coating bases are the preeminent papers in this class. They have been used across the globe for many years. Tailored for high speed running on coating lines with a range of grades suitable for many different types of coating, including solvent-based grid lacquer, all over aqueous dispersion heat seal coatings and cold seal coatings.

Reinforced papers

PeltaMed Protect papers are a range of coating base papers and direct seal papers specially designed to protect more demanding devices and cope with the increased stresses inherent in larger packs. The range comprises enhanced pure cellulose papers and papers reinforced with synthetic components for even higher performance.

Direct seal papers

PeltaMed PurePeel products are class-leading, fourth-generation surface-treated papers featuring both high seal strength and clean peels. Designed to work on thermoform-fill-seal (TFFS) packaging lines and deliver consistent and reliable performance for high volume, single-use, devices.

Cellulose-based wraps

Our cellulose-based wrap range consists of several grades featuring increasing levels of softness, drapability and alcohol resistance. The standard colours of blue, green and white are available.

Paper for bags and pouches

Exhibiting various levels of seal strength and porosity, our hospital and dental pouch and bag papers cover a very wide range of requirements and all comply with EN 868-3. The top of the range features PurePeel fourth-generation performance.

Non-barrier papers

In addition to microbial barrier papers, we also supply non-barrier papers for medical applications. These are manufactured with the same level of care but are generally lower grammage. Typical applications would be surgical procedure pack inner wrap and surgeon’s glove inner wrap. Both standard and creped versions are available.

Key Characteristics

PeltaMed, our core product range, features papers for all appropriate medical and hospital packaging applications with high-speed runnability, excellent microbial barrier and clean peeling performance.

Standards compliance

To protect the patient, paper made for the packaging of medical devices must withstand the rigours of the packaging process, sterilisation and supply chain. All our medical papers comply with globally accepted standards for sterile barrier systems.

Clean peels

ISO 11607-1 requires that medical devices are presented aseptically. Our papers are designed to deliver clean peels to ensure that device packaging can be opened safely without the risk of contamination.

Strong seal strength

As more realistic ship-testing protocols are put in place, the need for enhanced pack integrity increases. Our packaging papers are designed with sufficient seal strength to ensure that the medical device reaches its point of use in a sterile state.


Medical device packaging requires the highest degree of cleanliness. To satisfy this requirement and meet international regulatory standards, we have invested heavily in quality assurance, state-of-the-art Web Inspection Systems (WIS) and a brand new and updated stock cleaning system.

Wide range

Here at Pelta, we continuously innovate and develop our range of papers to meet the demands of an ever-changing medical device market. We currently offer a range of over 50 specialist papers with countless characteristics and properties to suit all applications.

Quality Assurance

Outstanding quality begins with a rigorous product development process, followed by exhaustive testing and validation over several years. The result is a stable and consistent product that fulfils the needs of converters and meets all regulatory standards for patient safety. Our engineers scrutinise results from our state-of-the-art Web Inspection Systems (WIS) to monitor minute-by-minute output and long-term trends. Paper testing is performed lineside and in our well-equipped Quality Assurance Lab.

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