Sterilisable papers for medical packaging

Channelling over 50 years of experience and excellence, we are passionately committed to patient safety. As trusted suppliers of specialist papers for packaging a comprehensive array of medical devices, our range includes but is not limited to reinforced papers, direct seal top web, coating based papers, hospital pouch papers and non-barrier papers for other medical applications.

High performance papers for the food industry

As pioneers of the original grease-resistant papers, we supply a considerable number of packaging papers to the food industry. We pride ourselves on delivering papers designed for excellent conversion efficiency, dimensional stability, and grease resistance. Our specialist papers are ideal for laminating and printing, ready to convert into bags, wraps and sleeves for quick service, bakery, fast food, meat, fish and dairy produce.

Highly specialised papers for technical applications

The requirements of the industrial and technical markets can be unique and varied. We deliver the most appropriate paper for your needs with specialist grades to suit almost any application. From sack stitching crepe tapes in various colours to ultra-clean, non-scratch interleaving papers for protecting LCD screens...

Time is money

Our experts will get you to the right product quickly and easily.

We have been at the forefront of specialist paper innovation for over 50 years and understand that no two products are the same. With countless options and characteristics, finding precisely the right specialist paper can be challenging. That is why we offer a personalised service with every enquiry we receive. Complete our requirements form to give us an overview of what you need, and we will deliver the most appropriate solution for your business.

Device manufacturers, we are also ideally placed to connect you to converters, packaging film manufacturers and packaging machinery manufacturers.

  •  ISO  9001:2015 Quality
  •  ISO  45001:2018 Occupational health and safety
  •  ISO  14001:2015 Environmental
  •  ISO  22000:2018 Food safety
  •  ISO  11607-1 Packaging for terminally sterilised devices
  •  EN  868 Packaging for terminally sterilised devices

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