Paving the way for the future with Pinnula

10 months on from when we first set out on our journey as Pelta Medical Papers, we are still exploring new technologies and partnerships to better how we do business. In fact, it is this very freedom that was a deciding factor for us to become an independent business.

Our most recent project involves updating our network and infrastructure by adopting a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software: Uniplan from Pinnula, into every facet of our business. This is an exciting time for Pelta as it promises to be more efficient, more accurate and raise opportunities to support business growth and new horizons more quickly over the existing system.

Leading this project, and our expert team of IT specialists, is Pelta IT Manager Tim Pullan who is relishing the prospect of making this near-impossible ERP implementation a reality. Tim will be working closely with Rotheram-based suppliers Pinnula in order to fully integrate their Uniplan product into the business.

Tim Pullan, IT Manager of Pelta Medical Papers commented:

This is a challenging and exciting project to bring together the many disparate systems we had before into one integrated view of our data, our processes and our company. It should streamline what we do and add more value to monitoring the performance of Pelta while also supporting future business decisions.

Pinnula are an accomplished team of software developers, who have been continuously developing their product since the mid-1980s. Experienced in helping a variety of businesses realise their potential, they are the perfect partner as we take our next steps as an independent business.

Our aim is to launch the very core elements of the new ERP software in September of this year. Once achieved, a further rollout across the rest of the business will follow. Make sure you’re the first to hear about our progress as we tackle this considerable task by signing up to receive email updates.