A message from Steven Blacow, CEO

Recently launched, albeit with over 50 years of experience, our team of dedicated experts share the same purpose to maintain patient safety in everything we do.

Our new name, Pelta Medical Papers, and visual identity is our quality stamp to represent, protect and shield and it's the mark on how we want to grow over the coming years, by:

  1. Serving our global customer base with high quality and value
  2. Enhancing our customer experience and product offer
  3. Seeking long-term expansion in the healthcare sector

I’m extremely proud to share that 2022 has started with a bang, with an investment for a new stock cleaning system for one of our paper machines. This significant investment of £400k will further enhance the cleanliness and barrier performance of the PeltaMed range of medical papers in response to increased demands from the medical device industry.

We continue to be global leaders in the supply of highly specialised kraft paper for packaging of medical devices, demanding food applications and niche industrial applications.

With a strong team of 145 providing outstanding technical experience, we are passionate about providing intelligent product solutions that serve our customers' needs.

PeltaMed, our core product range, features papers for all appropriate medical and hospital packaging applications with high-speed runnability, excellent microbial barrier and clean peeling performance.

Our product range of papers for specialist food & technical applications, PeltaPack offers a wide range of white and brown grease resistant papers for food packaging and high-performance papers for technical end-uses.

It's a really exciting time for Pelta Medical Papers with new products and investments being announced over the coming months. If you like to stay in touch please follow us on LinkedIn and sign up to receive our newsletter.