Supporting our local community: Dallam School

Despite serving a global market, we have always maintained close ties to Beetham and our local community. One of the many relationships we have nurtured over the years is with Dallam School, a local secondary school based in the neighbouring town of Milnthorpe.

As an important local employer in the area, we support the students by offering work experience placements to provide a more hands-on opportunity and knowledge of the operation of the Paper Mill. Additionally, we regularly accommodate a visit from Dallam’s upper 6th form to support their dissertation on business topics. The school also runs an employability program, Dallam Futures for years 10,11 & 12 and we are regularly approached to present where the school feels our expertise would provide an invaluable resource for the students.

In June of this year, Pelta Human Resources Director Amanda Morgan was invited to attend and support the ‘Dallam Futures - Which way now?’ event. An information evening intended to inform parents and students of the opportunities available to students post-16, Amanda presented key information on the manufacturing sector, the career choices available and the crucial role it plays in the UK and local economy.

Amanda Morgan, Human Resources Director of Pelta Medical Paper commented:
It was really rewarding to be able to help students with their career choices and hopefully encourage a few people into our great industry.

Just weeks later, Pelta Environmental Officer and former Dallam School student Amy Kitching attended the secondary school to present at their ‘Dallam Futures - 5 in 5’ event. An event dedicated to teaching key employability skills to year 12 students, Pelta was one of four companies being represented.

Following this event, Amy was contacted by a student at the school for a work experience placement over the school summer break. During the 3-day placement, the student was given the opportunity to experience a range of activities, including safety audits, leak surveys, pump maintenance and more.

Rob Blyth, Head of Careers at Dallam School said:
The long-standing relationship with Pelta Medical Papers is an amazing asset to Dallam. It gives our students an insight into manufacturing which is not so easy to find in a more rural area. Pelta has been unending in supporting our students and their career development.

As global leaders, we understand that it is our responsibility to act ethically towards not just our customers and employees, but also our local communities. This is reflected in our Pelta Medical Papers Vision and is a key reason why we strive to support Dallam School in equipping its students with the knowledge and skills before they enter the working world.